Writer-Artist-Cosplay Maker


Empowering Steampunk Fiction with Extraordinarily Adventurous Leading Ladies

                Developing a specific writing genre does not always come easy for writers, but I think it is truly amazing when you finally find your niche or target audience. I began my writing journey in 2014, when I took a break from my psychology courses to take a fiction writing class. Breaking up the cycle of coursework that focused on the science of the mind and the behaviors of people in society, I decided to write about it in a fictionalized way.

                I realized I could put my feet in multiple characters' shoes at the same time and I could even travel to any place or point in time I wanted. World-building became my sandbox, where I played for hours and hours without getting bored. My professor at the time assigned a final project to develop a short story, where we workshopped it with a group of four to five students throughout the semester, until we turned in a completed nine to thirteen-page story.

                 By the time the end of the semester rolled around, I had a story spanning twenty-six pages and it was still not complete. Sure, it had a beginning, a middle, and an end, but the the plot holes were notorious. The next semester, I took a second class with the same professor to which I wrote several mini backstories of other characters in the steampunk world I had built, as long as they fit within the parameters of his assignments—all having a beginning, middle, and an end. 

                 After taking these two college courses, I was left with a hefty word count of thirty-five thousand words. That's nearly a novella! I even had dreams of my characters up to this point and new scenes populated my thoughts almost daily. By that point, I was unstoppable. I had to keep writing. It never even occurred to me before that moment that I could write fiction. I always hated writing academic papers and was never fond of my writing skills. I received decent grades, but it took me forever to get even the shortest papers written. 

                 Fast forward to 2017—I changed my major from Psychology to English with an emphasis in creative writing. Go figure! I even created a writers group called the Ventura County Writers Salon with a current membership of over seventy people in the community. I've since published several poems, a couple short stories, and even a stage play. I'm not only the founder of VCWS, but I am the primary event coordinator and editor-in-chief for the annual anthology. I never expected to come this far in my writing career, but I am excited to see how much further it takes me.